Give life to static visual graphics

With SnapChart, visual graphics and tabular data become digital assets at your disposal.
Quickly and conveniently reuse visual data from webpages and documents.

Jim is a writer who is reporting on the job market. He finds this data from the US Census and uses SnapChart to transform it & make his point

Snap Charts

SnapChart is a snipping tool powered by an advanced artificial intelligence eye. With a few and simple clicks you can snap pictures and tabular reports on webpages and PDF documents.

Plot or Table Digitization

SnapChart artificial intelligence eye will read, understand and transform the chart into structured digital data. It is as if a picture of a chart or a table is transformed in a spreadsheet. Users can easily download the data to excel. Data can be edited and augmented.

Personalized Re-Visualization

SnapChart automatically visualizes the data extracted from its artificial eye engine in a user friendly chart. Charts colors, representations and styles can be quickly tweaked to personalize and export them.


SnapChart intelligent visualization engine allows to quickly transform charts into new chart types. For example, a bar chart can be easily converted to a line chart, a pie chart can become a bar chart of different colors. Stacked bar charts and grouped bar charts can be stacked or unstacked as well as grouped or ungrouped.

What they say about SnapChart...

Our Advantages

Easy to use

With a few clicks you can transform a picture into a chart or an excel sheet.

Superior technology

We use state of the art proprietary algorithms to provide an unprecedented level of accuracy.


Permanently store and easily retrieve your captured data anytime anywhere.

Use Cases and Benefits

We provide productivity improvement in the process of sourcing and visualize data/insights as well reduce the need for paid research reports.

Reduce the number of Analysts

Reduce Time in analyzing insights

Reduce time in revisualizing insights

Labour Cost savings (per year)













Supported visual graphics


Bar charts

Donut charts


Mixed charts

Pie charts

Area charts

Supported file formats


SnapChart can extract data directly from PDF files opened into Chrome or from MS office files converted/saved in PDF format.


SnapChart captures HTML pages and HTML Tables.


SnapChart can accept a variety of image formats as input.